The Digital Universe

Think back over the past 12 months. How many photos did you take and share online? How many emails did you send or receive? How many social networking sites are you a member of? Do you tweet or write a blog? Have you commented on a news or retail web site?

All of this information is growing at a staggering rate. I listen to all of this information in my role monitoring the social web. Companies like EMC are developing strategies to be leaders in the research and development of storage and archiving solutions:

The digital universe continued its skyrocketing growth even during a severe global economic downturn: The creation and replication of new digital information set a record in 2009 by growing to 800 billion gigabytes, 62 percent over the previous year. People continue to take pictures, send e-mail, blog, and post videos. Companies are still adding to their data warehouses. Governments are still requiring more information be kept. And that’s only the beginning of what’s to come. The expansion of the digital universe is expected to gain further momentum over the next decade, increasing 44-fold to 35 trillion gigabytes by the year 2020.

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