So, didja catch the Oscars last night?

I watched the entire broadcast for the first time in years. I can’t actually remember the last time I sat down to watch even PART of the Oscars broadcast. If you missed it, you didn’t. It flat-out stunk. Word has it that James Franco and Anne Hathaway were selected to host to bring a young, hip voice to the show. In spite of this goal, Kirk Douglas (I didn’t think he was still with us) delivered a Dick Clark-like performance (it was quite good, all things considered) and highlights of Bob Hope and an appearance by Billy Crystal sealed the failure of this year’s “young and hip” broadcast.

The entire show was patently UNFUNNY and not entertaining in the slightest. James Franco in drag??? Lame autotune. If I had a wife, I’d hide her.

But I watched. Kinda.

The TV was tuned to ABC for the entire broadcast. I even left the volume at a normal level. But I actually “watched” the 2011 Oscars on my iPhone. On Twitter.

The real fun was on Twitter. And not because @JamesFranco was tweeting from backstage. You could sometimes spot his phone in his hand while on stage. There was a special hashtag, apparently only he was using… #oscarsrealtime.  That was a missed opportunity to connect with the hoardes tweeting to #oscars to present exclusive content the TV audience couldn’t get.

In fact, it was suggested by one tweep that the producers of the 2012 Oscars watch Twitter “in real time” to prevent this kind of calamity from repeating.

All-in-all, “watching” the Oscars on Twitter (instead of TV) proved hysterically funny and entertaining. The power social media (and Twitter) has to bring together an audience is great. It just needs to be done WITH an event and not MOCKING it.

My favorite Tweet of the night? This gem came amidst ridicule of Trent Reznor’s (of Nine Inch Nails fame) thank you speech for his score to “Social Network”: