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Chrysler f*cks up | Keith Paul

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Chrysler f*cks up

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Yesterday, an employee of Chrysler’s social media firm posted an errant tweet, thinking it would go to his/her personal account. You can see the tweet at BuzzFeed. In the end, Chrysler reacted, deleted the tweet and the guilty party was fired.

I point this out to focus on the *positive* buzz Chrysler missed out on by reacting and by not engaging.

Many folks on Chrysler’s web site point out this missed opportunity. In addition to this press release, Chrysler’s engagement around this errant tweet is shown below:

While I hope to *never* make such a mistake tweeting for EMC, I hope to see EMC respond in a manner similar to what’s suggested here:

For an embattled company such as Chrysler to decidedly *not* leverage this experience to build goodwill with *potential customers*, they completely missed the boat on a lot of free PR and outreach.

If (and that’s a huge IF) this ever happens to you, please engage in a positive way.

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