EMC wants YOU to be social on #smday

EMC’s vibrant social brand extends across the usual suspects to our own EMC Community Network of 250,000 customers, partners and employees around the globe. We’re even beginning to engage in other targeted communities like that over at Spiceworks.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Social Media Day 2011 than by sharing an inside look at how EMC does social. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done, but are also daunted (and excited) by the work that remains.

Happy Social Media Day! Hope you enjoy the video!


[UPDATE: 6/30  2 PM ET]

Here’s a neat selection of EMC bloggers sharing their experiences in honor of Social Media Day”

An Approach to Enterprise Social Media Education – @LenDevanna

@AdamCohen Interview: EMC Does Social Media From The Inside Out

Celebrating Social Media at EMC – @ChuckHollis

An Invitation: Who Are You? – @ChuckHollis

Having An Impact – @sjwaterhouse

Writing a Blog and Keeping Our Job – @ldallasBMOC

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