Props to Google

So I’ve been using TweetChat to connect with my students via Twitter. Fun experiment to get them used to a new tool, while maintaining online chat functionality. You’ll see on this very blog, I’ve archived posts with Storify. Neat stuff.

Tonight one of my students announced her excitement at finally getting in to Google+. I offered my Gmail addy for the rest of the class to email me for invites:

Gmail promptly emailed me this:

Love the service, Google, but seems a bit creepy that you’re scraping Twitter in real time ;-)

  • Monyka

    WOW! I was thinking during the chat, "how in the world…" – That is SOOO creepy. I want no part of that. I do realize in this particular case it they are performing a security service by letting you know, but that does not take away the "yikes" factor.