Are you using Tumblr?

I can *feel* some of my social media engagement teammates rolling their eyes with me advocating yet another opportunity for B2B social marketeers to spread across the social sphere.

To be provocative (in a good way), Tumblr offers a unique way to build and develop influence across personal social networks. Tumblr was built for sharing, it’s not just another blogging platform. Lots of people (artists, filmmakers, writers, photographers and so forth) use Tumblr to publish and share interesting stuff. My Tumblr site is connected to the Instagram app on my iPhone. I share interesing pics (mostly about my dog, haha). Friends who follow me can in turn share my photo. Check it out at

Your Tumblr feed is like a visual Twitter feed

Listen and share. Share and listen. This could be a fun way to listen and engage. Your Tumblr following can have a profound impact on how you connect with conversations. Share photos of product installations at customer sites… make others *want* those products. Find and curate whiteboard solutions others post to their own Tumblr sites. Make it social. Leverage bloggers, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make it interesting. Make it fun. Maybe it’ll go viral ;-)

How can my org use Tumblr?

First, you need content. Don’t even think about Tumblr until you have content. And a content strategy. What kind of content, you ask? Videos, photos, infographics, “marketoons”, quotes, event highlights, whiteboard illustrations, anything visual and SHORT. Keep written content to an absolute minimum!

Cool examples of Tumblr in action

Most of these sites are using quick snippets or highlights to pull their followers into larger conversations. Imagine taking a pithy quote from a customer on a social community and sharing out via Tumblr. Imagine sharing fun candids from events. Take a peek into the human side of your company family. Share with partners and customers and fans.

Notice few of our industry peers? I could find just one (see below).

How do you spell o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y?

Using Tumblr as a traditional blog

  • IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative is using Tumblr as if it’s any other blog platform… completely missing the point of quick and easy sharing, IMO.

So if I just inspired you to run out and create a Tumblr account think about your content first and how you’ll leverage listening and curating to keep your tumblog alive.

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