4 Ways I Learn from My Students

Back to school today! It’s always a fun time of year… the prospect of learning fresh, learning from my students. That’s right. I always look to my students to learn something new. They might use different tools than I might or have differing perspectives on writing and techniques, but most often they open my eyes to something I hadn’t before considered. Hell.. they’ll teach me something!Here are four things I expect to gain new insight from my students this semester:

New perspectives on Twitter

I consider myself old hat at all-things-Twitter. I expect this crew to point out something I hadn’t before considered, the least of which is the use of the tool. Not sure how that will play out, but I bet a hashtag or new use will be introduced.

Specific viewpoints on SOPA and other community uprisings

I hot topic to be sure, and I’m very grateful that we have the fallout from the SOPA conversation, to put things in perspective ranging from Tim Tebow to the Arab Spring.

Insights into what it means to be “social”

I have a terrific roster of experiences amongst these students… a few traditional undergrads and many working professionals. Some are looking for a new career edge, others have deep experience at a variety of online publications. This mix will keep me honest.

Yet another reason I like to teach

I can’t predict what this will be, but it happens each and every semester. Stay tuned to find out ;-)

Here’s to a fun semester!