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3 e#FForts proving EMC is a social brand

In any organization today, the journey to becoming (or maturing into) a truly social business is staggering. It’s like steering a giant ship, slow and steady. Too often, my frustrations in not being able to turn that ship on a dime mask the awesomesauce that’s happening all over the company. Here are three FOLLOW FRIDAY […]

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Content + Social = Leads

Your content is great, right? Right? At least so say your marketing managers. Let’s assume they’re correct. Your content is the shiz-nit. It’s great stuff, easy to understand, performs reasonably well on your web site, perhaps it’s also well-received by your sales org. (more…)

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Forget listening. Are you taking action?

The words you’re about to read have been kicking around my shiny bald dome for some time now. I’ve been wanting to share this part of EMC’s social journey, but just haven’t had that ah-ha! moment to put our story into context. @Forrester’s  Zach Hofer-Shall issued a timely rant yesterday asking, “Are you taking action?” (more…)

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