Get blogging at #EMCworld 2012!

Vegas. Maroon5. Tons of EMC face-melting tranformations! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, our completely-caffeinated big data Bloggers’ Lounge! There’s one way to find out… Join us for EMC World 2012 this May, Vegas-style.

The EMC World Bloggers Lounge is the place to be during the event. Always a good crowd, a steady stream of EMC thought-leaders to chat with, and no shortage of good fun. The Bloggers Lounge is open to any attendee blogger. It’s that simple. Sign-up today!

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Sign up below and we’ll see you soon in Vegas!

Here’s the list of bloggers so far.


  • chrisbritt

    Great, we’d love to have you again. Let me know if you have any questions @ccostan @shannonhoesing

  • charleshood

    @chrisbritt I’m on the list (twice!) but for some reason a large group are sorted down to the bottom of the spreadsheet starting at row 111

    • chrisbritt

      @charleshood Thanks for the heads-up on that! Looking forward to having you!

  • cody_bunch

    @chrisbritt not this time around unfortunately. Will have some folks who write for my blog on the ground however.

    • chrisbritt

      @cody_bunch :( Next year, perhaps. Would you have them sign the list? It will allow for instant access to the lounge.

      • cody_bunch

        @chrisbritt Yessir. Also expecting brain dumps from them too :-)

  • mrdenny

    @chrisbritt Sadly I have to miss EMC World this year. I’m flying to Poland on Monday of that week for a conference. Really bummed about it.

    • chrisbritt

      @mrdenny Ah, sorry to here that. Have a good time in Poland

      • mrdenny

        @chrisbritt yeah. Was bummed that I’ll be missing #emcworld his year. Hopefully I’ll be back next year.

  • the_super_dave

    @chrisbritt Hello. I am sorry but I am unable to attend EMCworld this year. I will really miss not being there.

    • chrisbritt

      @the_super_dave We’ll miss you, too. Keep in touch!

  • piewords

    @chrisbritt I thought I did sign up

  • piewords

    @chrisbritt Just checked. On there twice.

    • chrisbritt

      @piewords Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there (twice) :)

  • ClearpathSG

    @chrisbritt Will be there, signed up on the list. Thanks for tweeting that.

    • chrisbritt

      @ClearpathSG You’re welcome- thank YOU!

  • ronaldvalente

    @chrisbritt locked and loaded. Thanks for the heads up!

    • chrisbritt

      @ronaldvalente Great- See you there!

  • tostaypuft

    @chrisbritt Hi Chris – At this point it looks like I’ll be a no show. Definitely bummed about that.

    • chrisbritt

      @tostaypuft Sorry to hear that! Another time!

      • tostaypuft

        @chrisbritt kicked to the curb at the Bloggers Lounge :–)

  • tmcquaig

    @chrisbritt Chris thanks for the heads up. I love the blogger lounge. Excellent conversations and plenty of caffeine. I really appreciate it

    • chrisbritt

      @tmcquaig My pleasure– see you there! We’ll have plenty of caffeine!

  • StorageNerve

    @chrisbritt Chris, trying to see if i can make it to EMCWorld this year. hopefully finalize it in the next week or two….

    • chrisbritt

      @StorageNerve Ok, hope you can make it!

  • gregorydwhite

    @chrisbritt Thanks for the note Chris.Sadly, don’t think I am going to be able to make it, but will definitely let you know if plans change

    • chrisbritt

      @gregorydwhite Thanks Gregory– hope all is well!

      • gregorydwhite

        @chrisbritt They are. Thanks and hope the same for you!

  • vPro_UK

    @chrisbritt Thanks for the gentle reminder Chris completely forgot about that, all signed up now

    • chrisbritt

      @vPro_UK Fantastic! See you in the Lounge!

  • chrisbritt

    @Kiwi_Si See you in the Lounge!

  • CSCNews

    RT @suzyspaatz: Get blogging at #EMCworld #EMC

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  • thehyperadvisor

    @chrisbritt < not making it this year. the storage guy that works with me is going so I have to hold down the fort.

    • chrisbritt

      @thehyperadvisor Got it. Sorry you can’t. If you get the chance,check out #EMCWorld’s 30+ interactive webcasts!

  • Avish2vqh69
  • SFoskett

    I am not at #EMCworld this year @chrisbritt

    • chrisbritt

      @SFoskett Sorry, we’ll miss you. If you have a chance this week, check out World’s 30+ interactive webcasts:

    • abothman

      @SFoskett dislike!

  • hlsdk

    @chrisbritt don’t think I can make it to Vegas

  • JeffWouters

    @chrisbritt Not attending but thanks for the link, will take a peek :-)

  • AbdulRasheed127

    @chrisbritt Thanks Chris! I will be there.

    • chrisbritt

      @AbdulRasheed127 Great- see you in the Bloggers Lounge!

  • EHRworkflow

    @chrisbritt OK!

  • scottabel

    @chrisbritt In Chicago @ #STC12. In the past I would have been able attend both events, but my warlock credentials were revoked recently :)

    • chrisbritt

      @scottabel haha. If you have time, check out #EMCWorld’s 30+ free interactive webcasts: and get your Q’s A’d

  • skemsley

    @chrisbritt I’m not – wasn’t invited, and I’m at DST AWD Advance this week

    • chrisbritt

      @skemsley Oh, ok. If you have interest, pls check out #EMCWorld’s 40+ free interactive webcasts: and get your Q’s A’d

      • AnabelaVasi512

        @chrisbritt hah roflmao @jokesallnight

      • lissy89247

        @chrisbritt cant stop laughing @jokesallnight