Curate your tweets with Twitter’s new Weekly Digest

I like to curate good content.

Earlier this year Twitter acquired Summify. For those unaware, Summify has been an awesome tool that helps curate the best content from one’s Twitter stream in an easily-digestible format.

Looking at an archive of my tweets, Summify checks-in in the #6 slot (around 8%) for my total tweetology.

Don’t get too excited. Twitter announced the closure of Summify about a week after the May 15 announcement of  new Weekly Digest feature.

Why is this important? Twitter discovered some awesome tech in Summify, enough so it recognized value in the tool and chose to adopt it for its entire user base.

What’s remarkable here is I’ve been using Summify for a little over a year. Contrast that with the web and the iPhone versions (noted above) as I’ve been using those channels to access Twitter 3 iPhones ago. Or for the non Apple fanboys of the world, that would be about 3 years in iPhone time. I’ve been on Twitter since 2007. That’s a BIG percentage of curating tweets through one specific tool.

What does this mean for me?

Like many Tweeps of the world, you might see a fraction of your tweet stream at any given time. You might be missing some totally awesome content. That’s the nature of Twitter, of course.

How can I use it?

Your weekly digest can help you catch those tweets when you’re not gawking the flock. This has a number of implications… it can help you curate content of course, but also help you

  • review the best content from your stream
  • acquaint newbies to how Twitter content works
  • listen for interesting content
  • identify possible influencers

Love it? Here’s how to get it…

To enable this feature on your account, go here and tick the box for “A weekly digest of Stories & Tweets…” A step-by-step click path is visualized here: