Big Data is talking. Are you listening?

Organizations are evolving from business intelligence to predictive analytics. Business IT leaders who take the lead in working with data sources (rather than just data stores) the business will be rewarded with unmatched visibility into game-changing business trends and prospects.

Big Data is Talking… Are You Listening?


What about social?

While this report is agnostic to content, the section on page 6, “Offering Analytics as a Service,” should be especially compelling to anyone trying to get their arms around unstructured social media data. It lays out a possible path for your journey toward enabling your org through social conversation building out some actionable steps.

This simple idea, likely in place already for other functions, will allow you to ask questions like “Now what?” or “What happens if?” or “How could I?” when reviewing social data.

Don’t limit yourself to obvious asks or pain points from your social audiences. Look to common content sources to maximize your social outreach or to optimize online ad spend. And use social media identifiers to append to your more structured data sources. You’ll be surprised at the creative insights you might generate.


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