Rocketing into a new adventure!

Lucky is probably the best word to describe the arc of my career. In the days of AOL and dialup internet, I got my hands dirty with HTML and Javascript, <blink>ed off to the world of corporate home pages, flashed my way into multimedia online experiences and helped build social media communities focused on IT solutions.

Next week, I launch into a new online adventure leading Rocket Software along its digital journey. After 2 ½ years at EMC in an awesome role helping write the book on how social engagement can be leveraged in enterprise environments, this is an exciting new challenge. It’s a unique role where I’ll bring all-things web, social, lead gen, and marketing automation together to an organization relatively new to marketing. It’s going to be exciting work leveraging the best tools, techniques and technologies developed over the past decade as the foundation for Rocket’s digital life.

This role brings the best of my abilities to the proverbial workshop, and I’m excited.

Readers of this blog will continue to see my perspective on applying social analytics to business processes, but I’ll expand the coverage to include how we also leverage web analytics and marketing data to create truly meaningful experiences for Rocket’s customers and partners.

To my friends at EMC… you’ll be missed. We did some great work and explored a lot of uncharted territory. I hope we cross paths again.

To my new friends at Rocket… let’s kick some ass.