Go “native” with listening and metrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

If 2010 was the year to go social, 2011 the year to engage and 2012 the year to analyze your social activity, then 2013 must be the year to make all that work and investment actionable. I give you “native advertising.”

This infographic from Solve Media walks us through the latest online buzzphrase, “native advertising,” which roughly applies usability science to content marketing and social engagement.  To toss-in another buzzphrase, we’re looking at an application of  the “intention economy.”

Let me ‘splain. People are wary of the general bombardment of information they experience at all moments of their daily living. Paradoxically over the past decade, we’ve learned how to cut through the noise and how to find the best shortcuts around the information highway. It’s need based. Consumers are asking for specific help, they want solutions providers to deliver meaningful options to them. Think of the fabled “want” button on Facebook and what the use of such a button could mean for buyers and sellers.

Engaging in “native advertising” requires a marketer to understand the audience and anticipates how that audience wants to be engaged. You’re going to need to bring together web analytics, marketing automation, social analytics, ERP and CRM contact histories to build data-centric user personas. It’s going to feel creepy at first, but messaging via “native advertising” will put your content into the minds of those who seek it.

For the big data set, this is marketing Shangri-La. Or is it the other way around?

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