Are you aware of how (well) you engage?

There are a few social media monitoring tools out there these days. You get the basics out of tools like Facebook’s Insights or LinkedIn’s company page statistics. There’s a variety of good tools from many vendors offering more than the basics. And then there’s some being bought up by the likes of IBM, Cisco and Oracle. The market has matured enough that there are tools for just about every social business maturity level.

And here’s another one…

Sprout Social, which already offers a good social media management and engagement tool, throws another one into the game. This one, though, is unique (…and free!). No matter your organization’s social business maturity level, Sprout Social’s new #BePresent experiment offers an insight I’ve not seen in any other tool: engagement.

There are other tools out there that try to crack this nut. Dachis Group’s Social Business Index (SBI) and NetBase’s Brand Passion Index (BPI) each take a good look at brand equity in the social space. These tools are very good at helping you understand your place in the social world, but they don’t offer immediate hints at what you might do different.

What I like about out Sprout Social’s new #BePresent initiative is the easy-to-understand hints around how you might improve your org’s social engagement and where you might fit amongst peers. The cues are a bit more actionable than either the SBI or the BPI from those other vendors and they provide a simple benchmark to get you on your way.

Here you can easily get a sense of how you’re performing with some idea on how you might improve. That’s subjective, of course, but that’s where Sprout Social’s flagship product can provide more insight. But here you can see how well I engage with my fellow tweeps:

BePresent example

My 64th percentile ranking… is it good? Not sure. That 5-hour response time? Seems decent. 24 replies? Well, I’m not ignoring folks ;-)

Or to look at things a bit differently, here’s where I map on a quadrant. I’m more to the right, but not quite on the “upside”, but all-in-all I seem to chart well:

BePresent exampleTake a look. At the very least you might gain a new perspective into how well (or not so well) you think you’re engaging with your social audience. Take what you see and make necessary course corrections. But do so with a grain of salt and with some consideration of your own style and willingness to engage. And if so convinced, follow-through with the call-to-action and give Sprout Social’s SMM tool a try.

PS – One criticism overall… for a social listening company, Sprout Social might have chosen a better hashtag. #BePresent isn’t unique, but perhaps they’ll to make me eat my words with a terrific Twitter campaign.

For those wondering how I scored overall, here’s a PDF version of how “BePresent” I am: