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Measuring LinkedIn with Google Analytics

Does your company leverage its LinkedIn profile? Are you using LinkedIn discussion groups? Can job seekers find their next great role on your LinkedIn page? All great questions. And if you answer yes to these (I hope you do) are you also measuring the value LinkedIn can provide for your SEO and possibly your lead-gen […]

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Selling to one degree of Kevin Bacon

You’re tasked with cleaning up a Salesforce database while improving digital marketing awareness, oh, and you gotta fill the sales funnel while you’re at it. What do you do? Here at Rocket, we’ve placed all bets on leads. Let me tell you why. Leads. More of them, but really damn good ones. But where does […]

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Becoming a social business

Social media can be a great meeting place for businesses and their customers. If you’ve been paying attention to the social space lately, you’ll see a common thread: companies trying to figure out how to connect with customers (and potential customers!). (more…)

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