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Becoming a social business

Social media can be a great meeting place for businesses and their customers. If you’ve been paying attention to the social space lately, you’ll see a common thread: companies trying to figure out how to connect with customers (and potential customers!). (more…)

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Are you aware of how (well) you engage?

There are a few social media monitoring tools out there these days. You get the basics out of tools like Facebook’s Insights or LinkedIn’s company page statistics. There’s a variety of good tools from many vendors offering more than the basics. And then there’s some being bought up by the likes of IBM, Cisco and Oracle. […]

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Facebook Envy: social listening turned on its head

Or underlistening? This very interesting study presents a very different idea around social listening… or “social influence.” It takes a look at how one views oneself through the lens of our Facebook friends. It’s suggested that our own self-worth is being measured against the vacations and fun photos friends choose to share on Facebook. Are you […]

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