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Becoming a social business

Social media can be a great meeting place for businesses and their customers. If you’ve been paying attention to the social space lately, you’ll see a common thread: companies trying to figure out how to connect with customers (and potential customers!). (more…)

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Social Business: There and Back Again

Setting the stage to do social well in any organization is no small feat. Setting the stage inside a mature company that’s largely new to marketing is yet another. I have a dual mandate here at Rocket, both daunting and exhilarating. First things first… I’m tasked with fixing a broken online presence. Our web site […]

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Rocketing into a new adventure!

Lucky is probably the best word to describe the arc of my career. In the days of AOL and dialup internet, I got my hands dirty with HTML and Javascript, <blink>ed off to the world of corporate home pages, flashed my way into multimedia online experiences and helped build social media communities focused on IT […]

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