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Social selling isn’t a hard idea

Or at least, keep it as hard as it needs to be… This is the first in a series of posts where I hope to inspire colleagues who are just getting started with the concept of social selling. Each post will focus on real-world examples I had a hand in creating. Social selling If you’ve […]

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Selling to one degree of Kevin Bacon

You’re tasked with cleaning up a Salesforce database while improving digital marketing awareness, oh, and you gotta fill the sales funnel while you’re at it. What do you do? Here at Rocket, we’ve placed all bets on leads. Let me tell you why. Leads. More of them, but really damn good ones. But where does […]

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Selling Social Selling

Social sales, social selling, monitization. Those are just three headings given to the concept of leveraging social media within a sales process. But how does a B2B enterprise enable social selling in an environment with long sales cycles? How does any org with sales ranging from the tens of thousands to the multi-millions convince a […]

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