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Forget listening. Are you taking action?

The words you’re about to read have been kicking around my shiny bald dome for some time now. I’ve been wanting to share this part of EMC’s social journey, but just haven’t had that ah-ha! moment to put our story into context. @Forrester’s  Zach Hofer-Shall issued a timely rant yesterday asking, “Are you taking action?” (more…)

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“How Many” is not a valid KPI

People like stuff. We like to count how much of it we have. It’s even viewed in certain circles as a measure of success. Back in the early days of the web, everyone had a hit counter at the bottom of their homepage. We shamelessly clicked ‘reload’ to make our sites seem more popular. (more…)

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Can you hear 2012?

Might as well hop on the prognostication bus, seeing lots of exciting moves in the social CRM space shaping up. By no means exhaustive, here’s what has caught my eye and what I think it means for folks in the listening game. (more…)

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