Drink up… this is how listening builds a brand

When was the last time you acted upon recommendations from your customers? No, I mean you really acted.

I like to make sport of calling out companies for botching their social media activities (see Chrysler and Starbucks). I seldom see awesome successes like Narragansett’s. And yes, I count it a success even though the ultimate goal hasn’t been met. Narragansett is actively engaging its audience, leveraging their feedback to rebuild the company and the brand.

Outside of New England, you’ve probably not heard of Narragansett. It’s been around forever, and once a staple at all the neighborhood bars. Oh, it’s yummy, too, and benefiting not just from the social media campaigns of its newest owner, but also from the so-called “PBR effect” of tasty, inexpensive brews favored by the college drinking set.

Until the ’70s, ‘Gansett was a favorite amongst New Englanders. At that point, it was sold to a brewer based in Indiana and later California. Yada, yada, yada it’s 2005, the brand was purchased and brought back to its Rhode Island home. The new owners set out to reintroduce the brand, focusing on social media to get the beer back in the minds of the thirsty. Fans are asked to take part through three activities: a petition drive, buying a case, and report any of their haunts that aren’t pouring Narragansett.

While there was a huge effort at spreading word through social media marketing, there was also some blowback from customers complaining of the fact that the beer isn’t actually brewed in New England. ‘Gansett responded with a challenge, “You buy a case, we build a brewery.”

Will this bold plan succeed? Well, drink up and we might see. At the very least some amazing awareness and brand affinity will be the result, all largely based in customer feedback. Have a look at their  TwitterFacebookFlickr and YouTube pages — and read their blog to see how’s it done!

You Buy a Case, We Build a Brewery

Seven and a half million cases of beer. No problem, right? That’s what the brewers of @Gansettbeer need to sell each year to support the costs of operating a brewery. Already in packies across New England and pouring at Fenway Park, ‘Gansett is on its way.

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