UMass Basketball in… Dubai?

That’s right. The last time the UMass Minutemen played in the NCAA Tournament, I listened to the game from Dubai.

And it gets better! Not only did I listen to #7 UMass lose to #10 Saint Louis 51-46…

I streamed said broadcast from my office back in Amherst, MA!

Anyway, it was a modest little Windows server running RealAudio. I wish I had a photo of this, but I kid you not… the audio signal came from an old analog stereo receiver tuned to UMass’ own WMUA radio. The dusty thing was perched atop the server box. I can’t even remember how I made the connection to the server! It certainly wasn’t USB!

In honor of UMass’ first NCAA appearance since that day back in ’98, here are a couple scanned photos from the day… oddly the last live game I attended was a week or so ago and was also a loss to Saint Louis… hmmm….

UMass basketball in Dubai 1998

UMass basketball in Dubai 1998

Big thanks to lifelong friend Yousef Tuqan, and his dad Tuqan Tuqan for making their office UMass’ official Dubai basketball HQ that day, and to the Tuqan clan for a great trip!

To put then-Dubai in context, the Burj Al Arab hadn’t yet opened.