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Appreciative Inquiry, Marketing, & ChatGPT

This week at work, I’ve had the opportunity to jump both feet first into the world of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). That experience will be saved for another blog post, but heading into tomorrow’s wrap-up session, I thought I’d have some fun with the topic using ChatGPT. … or I used AI to describe AI (H/T […]

Thoughts on digital inflection points, or, don’t wait for your customers

If you’ve heard me speak about digital marketing or social media strategies, you’ve heard me use the phrase “inflection point” when describing the growth of the web. That growth (and those inflection points) have impacted not just how we communicate online, but also in how business is done through digital marketing. Most importantly, these inflection points have […]

Character actors in the age of binge watching

Binge watching. If you’ve got Netflix, you know the feeling. If you’re one of the 7.6 million American households who’ve cancelled their cable subscriptions, in favor of DVD or iTunes or Roku, you know the feeling. Think of all those character actors you see EVERYWHERE across your TV dial. I’ve recently taken up binge watching […]