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K’s Anatomy

Who doesn’t love having surgery (without the silly drama)? I had a really good experience with my first surgery since little-kid tonsillitis. I opted to use a surgeon out of Cooley-Dickenson Hospital in Northampton where they have a spankin-new surgery wing donated by the man who founded Yankee Candle. It was nice. The whole experience. […]

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Wu Xing Gallbladder

No, I’m not ordering any really exotic dinner. This being the Year of the Tiger, includes my birthday. Out of curiosity, and forgetting much of what I learned in a college Chinese mythology course, I checked Wikipedia for details. But I did remember that I am a tiger, more specifically a Wood Tiger, but not […]

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It’s A Wonderful Life

Christmas is upon us. To varying degrees I begin to take stock of the year past as the holidays help us welcome winter and the new year. Tonight I happen to turn the TV on to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” playing. Part of the charm and beauty of that film is in the simple […]

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