26-Nov-2009 Ramblings

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action

Today was a good day to think about things we should reflect upon at least once in a while. I did so while slinging pies and cakes and turkeys. It’s a funny day, Thanksgiving. It’s my first without Dad. Well, that’s not entirely true. I hadn’t shared Thanksgiving with him in a few years. No regrets on that… hosting Mike’s family for the third time this year will be fun and full of family.

A few things today remind me of him:

Potato peels in the sink reminded me of the Thanksgiving I clogged the disposal and Dad and I had to pull apart the plumbing right before dinner was served 😉

Not sure of the connection… maybe it was the marching bands… but the Macy’s parade reminded me of all the frigid Turkey Bowls at Crocker Field or the even more frigid games at Doyle Field.

Carving the turkey.

Inhaling a week’s work cooking in 20 minutes.

I missed you today, Dad… I hope you had fun watching us and chatting with Mom.