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I got the scoop!

In my role as Chief Listener at EMC, I’m often evaluating new tools to aid in social media listening and analytics. Apparantly, I was the first to mention a product new to the market!

Mega bait earns EMC record breaking results

Tweeting during the event also resulted in EMC’s first ever trending topic on Twitter across the entire United States. But there’s more… here a capsule of the bait activity I blogged about recently. That “mega bait” was recognized by B2B Magazine.

I Shit You Not

Have you ever browsed thru old email? If you’re like me, you keep your inbox somewhat current, so lots of good material gets lost in the ether. Take some time to browse thru your sent box. It’s funny to see what you find. I witnessed this my second day of work at EMC. It’s an […]

Mega Bait

EMC’s strongest social media marketing program to date is gaining traction around the Mega Launch Teaser Campaign. We’re tweeting and YouTubing and Facebooking and, as soon as the curtain opens, we’ll be blogging aplenty.