11-Jan-2011 Marketeering

Mega Bait

EMC’s strongest social media marketing program to date is gaining traction around the Mega Launch Teaser Campaign. We’re tweeting and YouTubing and Facebooking and, as soon as the curtain opens, we’ll be blogging aplenty.

All this activity is great. Tweets using the hashtag #EMCbreaksrecords are legion. The two YouTube videos have amassed over 350k views thus far. EMC on Facebook has earned OVER 3,000 NEW FANS, much to the success of our “EMC Challenge” game.

To help build buzz, we invited over 100 external “influential” bloggers to participate in the Jan 18th simulcast in NYC. Those bloggers include industry publications, partner bloggers and some of our “critics.” Those critics bloggers were chosen intentionally.

Why would we do this?

Because we *knew* these influential critics bloggers would respond to an exclusive direct mail piece (similar to the “EMC Challenge” game on Facebook), thus generating buzz amongst audiences of folks not necessarily tuned-in to EMC. This is a freebie for us. Our most ardent fans and even a number of the most casual partners will tune-in to the January 18th simulcast. Why wouldn’t they? They have an investment in EMC. They want to know what we’re doing to deliver results and a return on their investment and in their faith in us to innovate.

The critics bloggers who write about us (or generate FUD about us) have significant followings on Twitter and regular readership on their blogs. That’s part of the criteria we used to select them. They’ll get the direct mailer, or they’ll tune-in on the 18th and…








…earning us the opportunity to tell our story to new (and perhaps unwitting) audiences.

In fact, one has already taken the bait:

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