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Not a Bore in ’24

So last year, I set a personal best with reading (also listening)… 21 books. Damn. And  I started a Master’s program. Not gonna lie… doubful 21 gonna happen this year. Anyway, here we go: May Redesigning America’s Community Colleges Giovanni’s Room Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal In the Time of the […]

K’s Anatomy

Who doesn’t love having surgery (without the silly drama)? I had a really good experience with my first surgery since little-kid tonsillitis. I opted to use a surgeon out of Cooley-Dickenson Hospital in Northampton where they have a spankin-new surgery wing donated by the man who founded Yankee Candle. It was nice. The whole experience.

Wu Xing Gallbladder

No, I’m not ordering any really exotic dinner. This being the Year of the Tiger, includes my birthday. Out of curiosity, and forgetting much of what I learned in a college Chinese mythology course, I checked Wikipedia for details. But I did remember that I am a tiger, more specifically a Wood Tiger, but not […]