02-Mar-2011 Ramblings


So it appears a lot of you are Googling this phone number and landing on this site. How do I know? I mentioned it in a post a while back about the importance of giving back to your alma mater.

So y’all know, 413-545-1451 is the Caller ID number when someone at UMass Amherst calls. Should such a call come between the hours of 6 and 9 pm, odds are the caller is a student working in the Annual Fund call center. Give them a few minutes, they often have a good story to share. And yes, they’ll ask you for money.

So, give.

NOTE: You can’t call the number above. It’s a system number. Connects to nothing.

To make a gift by phone, dial 866-450-UMASS.

8 thoughts on “413-545-1451
  1. I never went to UMass, I've turn this number over to the Police as a spam call

  2. I'm still paying students loans. They're not getting a cent from me until those are gone.

  3. I just received a call from that number from my doctor who I see at UMass Amherst Heath Services (giving me information about testing I had done).

    1. Makes sense. At the time I wrote the original post (and perhaps still today), 413-545-1451 is the number that caller ID shows from most landline phones on the UMass network.

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