08-Jan-2012 Ramblings

Dad and Elvis

January 8th. That’s one big birthday. My dad and Elvis. Fitting that Elvis was one of dad’s favorites

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad. A bunch of the extended family gathered at The Knoll today to celebrate and remember you. We laughed and we ate Chinese food and Boston Creme Pie. I hope you smiled.

For those remembering Kenny, this memorial website contains photos and tributes to him. Please bookmark, visit often, and upload something you might remember him by.

2 thoughts on “Dad and Elvis
  1. Keith – my father also has the honor of a birthday on Jan. 8th! He turned 81 years old yesterday – quite an accomplishment. Elvis was one of my Mom's favorites, and I think my Dad's birthdate was something that intrigued her : )

  2. Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny! I think you have more fans remembering you on your birthday than Elvis, in this family you definitely do. Wonderful to hear everyone got together to celebrate and remember you. You are missed!
    We love you and miss you! ♥
    Love, Shannon, Amy, Jack, James, and Thomas Keenan

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