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Alma Mater: From Fitchburg to Amherst

Ken (FHS ’67 and UMass ’73) and Keith (FHS ’93 and UMass ’98) As time goes by things that at once seemed distant, or perhaps perfunctory, claim an ever-bigger focus in one’s life. There are many reasons for this… principally life… but the death of a parent certainly can shape perspectives some.

Dad and Elvis

January 8th. That’s one big birthday. My dad and Elvis. Fitting that Elvis was one of dad’s favorites Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad. A bunch of the extended family gathered at The Knoll today to celebrate and remember you. We laughed and we ate Chinese food and Boston Creme Pie. I hope you smiled. For those […]

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action

Today was a good day to think about things we should reflect upon at least once in a while. I did so while slinging pies and cakes and turkeys. It’s a funny day, Thanksgiving. It’s my first without Dad. Well, that’s not entirely true. I hadn’t shared Thanksgiving with him in a few years. No […]

What is life worth?

The New York Times this week took a very interesting tack in discussing this age-old question. My immediate thoughts went to my father, who is living with cancer, and is fortunate enough to have good health insurance. Recently my mother showed me four years’ worth of monthly itemized bills from the hospitals Dad’s been to […]