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Alma Mater: From Fitchburg to Amherst

Ken (FHS ’67 and UMass ’73) and Keith (FHS ’93 and UMass ’98) As time goes by things that at once seemed distant, or perhaps perfunctory, claim an ever-bigger focus in one’s life. There are many reasons for this… principally life… but the death of a parent certainly can shape perspectives some.

I’m a Tau Beta Sigma sister!

  The Delta Delta chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, the national honorary band sorority at UMass, honored me as one of their own yesterday. The honor was actually mine, having been inducted along with the 11 ladies of the Gamma Lambda class and also with my fellow honorees. And my deepest thanks go to my “Big […]


So it appears a lot of you are Googling this phone number and landing on this site. How do I know? I mentioned it in a post a while back about the importance of giving back to your alma mater.

He is the Pan

Even as the campus on Saturday celebrated the life and legacy of professor George N. Parks, who led the Minuteman Marching Band to national prominence during his 33-year tenure, it was clear that his influence will continue to be felt just as his death will continue to mourned far beyond the campus itself. I was […]

Do you support your alma mater?

NOTE: This was written originally as an opinion column for a UMass alumni newsletter. For time immemorial or so it seems, UMass Amherst (nee UMass) has struggled with its alumni outreach. I think a lot of that has to do with a long-standing patriarchical view the campus and its inhabitants have toward Beacon Hill. We want Boston […]