From Fitchburg to Amherst

As time goes by things that at once seemed distant, or perhaps perfunctory, claim an ever-bigger focus in one’s life. There are many reasons for this… principally life… but the death of a parent certainly can shape perspectives some. This year marks the fifth anniversary of my Dad’s passing. It also marks the fifth annual Kenny Paul […]

Downside: Is anything possible?

… and the BEST message comes from the folks at They produced their own parody of the Cadillac “Poolside” ad, focused on the dreams and realities of our Latino friends. Enhorabuena, Desmadre. Your “Downside” parody strips the ideals of the so-called “American dream” down to what matters. Thank you to Samuel Martinez for sharing […]

UMass Basketball in… Dubai?

That’s right. The last time the UMass Minutemen played in the NCAA Tournament, I listened to the game from Dubai. And it gets better! Not only did I listen to #7 UMass lose to #10 Saint Louis 51-46… I streamed said broadcast from my office back in Amherst, MA! Anyway, it was a modest little […]

Merge Ahead

So how many of you have a New Year resolution to blog more? I’m sure it’s common enough… hell here I am writing about it! But how many of you resolved to blog LESS? Sounds funny, but this idea has been in my head for some time and I finally pulled the trigger today. Followers […]