Texting Will Change the Way We Shop

Holidays = Shopping. It’s such an understood fact that we don’t even think about it anymore. For every “Ho Ho Ho” floating through the cheery air, there are dollars signs floating above cash registers. But customers get lost in the hustle that goes on around them. There are so many stores, so many promotions, so […]

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Ask Quality Questions for Quality Feedback

You’ve been that customer: You’re in the store, trying to browse in peace, but growing annoyed at the store associate who won’t stop asking how you’re doing. Even when they aren’t trying to push a sale, even if they are just genuinely intent on making sure you are enjoying your experience, knowing when to inquire […]

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Contact Centers Should Be Easy to Contact!

It’s 3:30 p.m. Most of your customer service employees flat out answering calls, but still have just hit that infamous “afternoon wall” when nothing sounds better than a short nap. Unfortunately, another call comes in and it is none other than Mr. Grant, a longtime customer with a short fuse. Mr. Grant is beyond frustrated […]

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