Caller ID + UMass =

Bloggers: how often to look at your traffic numbers? What do you look for? Do you ever take a deeper dive to determine cause and effect? Do you notice trends? I just did that… well, for a very specific reason. A blog post I wrote way back in 2009 started the trend I’m about to […]

Gettin’ my javascript NERD on…

I enjoyed fun couple of days at the New England Regional Developers (NERD) Summit this weekend at UMass. One of the sessions was a mini boot camp for javascript. My friend @EamonnEdge and I came up with this little Find-Your-Adventure game (click Result to see our javascript game in action).

Character actors in the age of binge watching

Binge watching. If you’ve got Netflix, you know the feeling. If you’re one of the 7.6 million American households who’ve cancelled their cable subscriptions, in favor of DVD or iTunes or Roku, you know the feeling. Think of all those character actors you see EVERYWHERE across your TV dial. I’ve recently taken up binge watching […]